How many chickens can you fit in a dust bath? Well, apparently EIGHT…but boys aren’t allowed so they have to wait outside on the branch. Poor Vinnie and Cluck. Vinnie tried, unsuccessfully, to crash the bath a couple of times and the girls sent him on his way. I told him he was a creeper and he needed to stay out of the girls’ bath session.

This was the first day that the chickens even NOTICED that lovely bathing area that I’d set up for them. When it was first set up, it was full of wonderful wood ash with a healthy shake or four of diatomaceous earth….and then it rained and it became an round mud hole which is why I thought they were ignoring it. Prior to them discovering the joys of the spa, it had rained for EIGHT DAYS straight. That’s right. EIGHT. Not that light misty rain, either. This was eight days of off and on torrential rain. So those pullets in that dust bath in this photo? Came out HAPPILY covered in mud. I always get the odd animals. ALWAYS.

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