Chris Thompson is a registered nurse, part time writer, sometimes actress, occasional photographer, intrepid artist and amateur neurosurgeon. She lives in southern Indiana with her husband, daughter, son and six insufferable dogs, Charlie, Sophie, Jasmine, Zoey The One Eyed Chihuahua, Lily (also known for some reason as Squibba) and the recently acquired, Italian greyhound mix, Lola. Her hobbies include tiara wearing and griping and obsessing about things that don’t matter. She will tell you she can play the mandolin like Chris Thile, but honestly they only thing they have in common is their first name. She specializes in unfinished art projects and stacking unopened mail on countertops.



Recently, Chris has chosen to begin an adventure in her own backyard that involves chickens and gardening. Friends are skeptical and family is concerned, but she remains resolutely focused on growing food and chickens in a subdivision….hopefully without ticking off the neighbors.

To contact her, send email to christhompson64@gmail.com. Try to only send nice comments because she’s easily discouraged and crying in a tiara is not a good look. If you send something nasty, remember…I’m going to have eggs soon and I’m not above letting them rot and sending them to you FedEx.


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  1. Enjoying your story, it’s so me! We started this spring with 6 chicks, and ended up with 12, I don’t know why. I didn’t sleep for 2 days, constantly checking them in our makeshift brooder, which they seemed to keep outgrowing faster than we could enlarge it! After 5 weeks, my husband decided they could got out into their new coop, that he spent all last fall, building. That was yesterday, on Easter. Did I mention the no sleep part? All 12 are fine today, but I am not sure there will be any sleep in my future until they are fully grown. My first experience with chickens, I am hooked!

    • It’s completely addicting! I appreciate so much that you stopped by! Thank you! It’s so good to know that I’m not the only one that’s hooked! My husband is ready to have me committed, LOL.

  2. Just read your blog for the first time today! I roared with laughter! My 25 year old son especially appreciated the sticky notes your son left! He would so do that! My adventure is just beginning! No chicks yet, but soon! Coop started, though! Looking forward to reading more and having a smile put into my day!

  3. I have a similar story. My chicks come on Monday. Coop and run completed along with everything chicken we just had to have. I live in the city so four is all that I’m aloud. Looking forward to reading you more. Enjoyed it!.

  4. So even if I were not incredibly interested in your story and in love with the beautiful way you’re writing it (which I am), and even if I were not enamored with chickens (again, I am), I would forever follow for your reference to Chris Thile. Chicken lady knows what’s up 😉

  5. So even if I were not incredibly interested in your story and in love with the way you’re writing it ( which I am ), and even if I were not enamored with chickens ( again, I am ), I would forever follow because of your reference to Chris Thile. Chicken lady knows what’s up 😉

  6. Hi there! Saw the link to your blog on Fresh Eggs Daily and had to say hello. Welcome to the world of chickens. I was as shocked as you when my DH said we could get them too…while it took a little more convincing. I also have grandiose “plans” about the chickens, gardening, etc so I can relate 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your adventure!

  7. Chris, your story is my story …. ventured into keeping chickens last year. It started as a family venture … need I say more 1 year later? My daughter informed me this past week that she was so “over” chickens – that’s “your thing” mom. My husband has banned me from our local feed store – something about chicken math. Anyway, we have 13 hens, 1 bantam rooster, and 6 nuggets who are now 6 weeks old. In a few weeks, we will become bee keepers, which is somewhat terrifying and exciting at the same time. Bee keeping is a hobby my daughter has said she can support because it is so scientific – in a year, she’ll probably be over it, right? Well, so glad Fresh Eggs Daily suggested your blog … I look forward to reading more.

  8. Love your blog. It has made me laugh out loud. My children and I are looking into turning my 20 acres into a self sustaining homestead. I am wanting to start with some chickens, and now more than ever thanks to you. This may be my weekend project. Looking forward to reading your next entry.

  9. Hi! Just wanted you to know that I really enjoy your writing. I’m also a nurse in Southern Indiana who started on my chicken adventure last spring. It’s good to know I’m not the only insane person around who uses that crazy, high-pitched voice to talk to chickens while in her pajamas in the back yard.

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