Cluck Norris, our rooster, likes to believe he’s in charge. In this horrible blurry photo, he’s standing on a log to assert his authority. His minions don’t seem to notice him at all. Which, much to Cluck’s dismay, is the way it usually goes for him. I told him if he dressed up like a green bean or a carrot, he’d have their undivided attention.

Cluck is considering this advice carefully.

Being a rooster is hard.

3 thoughts on “Minions.

  1. Having fun seeing what is up and coming for me! My 5 cuties are a week old now! I love having them and am beginning to see how this is addicting! I am so hoping none of them are roos as I will have to surrender him if he is….no roos allowed in my town. Grrr…..Chris, question. I remember you mentioning an app on your iPhone for identifying weeds. Would you be willing to share that info.? Would love to check that one out! Thanks!

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