Happy 4th of July!

Okay, you have FIVE more days until my birthday.  Just mail me a chicken.  I can’t turn down presents right?  Tom will have to let me keep them because, we wouldn’t want to seem rude now, would we?

Anyway,   Happy 4th!  Greg has already been celebrating and by that I mean he’s been terrorizing the neighborhood with fireworks for the past two days.  He bought some that you can drop in water and so far has blown up two perfectly good plastic buckets.  He and Emma think it’s hysterical.  I’m an old lady and I don’t like noise.  I mentioned to Greg that the constant explosions didn’t seem to bother the chickens.  He said “Good, then they shouldn’t mind when I strap one to them.”

fire chickens

The boy is obsessed with blowing things to bits.

In other news, Greg taught the chickens all about fireworks safety.  I told them that if they play with fire, they’ll wet the bed.  We both thought they were a little TOO interested in the fire when Greg lit the lighter.  This could be an issue.

We are going to the farmers market this morning and then hanging around the hacienda and cooking on the grill.  If the chickens behave, I might give them a treat of strawberry tops because I’m baking a strawberry cake with cream cheese icing for Tom’s mom’s birthday.  I figure by late afternoon, I’ll be treating a minor burn somewhere on Greg.  Several times throughout the day, I’ll peel various dogs off the ceiling.   At some point, I’ll have probably had too much wine and leave an important ingredient out of  a recipe.

So, it should be a pretty good day.

I hope you have a great Fourth too!

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