Now With More Chicken!

So, some planets aligned recently and there was a miracle.  Tom said I could get a couple more chickens.  Not that he’s entirely in-charge, but I like to let him think he is because, well…you know…he’s a MAN and all that stuff and that’s what they do.  They think they’re in-charge of things and they make decisions.  Granted, they’re decisions that women have already made and have probably acted on already, but it’s always to your benefit if you let them think that they made the decision.  Oh…hi honey, do you still read this thing?

Anyway, I’d been shopping around for chickens ever since the Buff Orpington Rooster Boys (BORBs) left for their new home which included 30 pullets and unlimited sex.  Talk about a good home!  That’s every rooster’s dream home!  With a ratio of 15 hens per rooster, I figure that those two are having the time of their lives…unless of course the people who bought them were liars and ate them with a nice side of mashed potatoes and rooster gravy.

I’d started with 12 chickens and I have been convinced that I needed to get back to that magic number of 12 (which I’m sure I’ll change to 15 at some point).  Besides, eight hens are not nearly enough for the two randy roosters, Cluck and Vinnie.  I combed through breed informational sites on the internet.  Lots of people look for chickens with certain attributes…friendly, production of eggs, etc.

I just want pretty ones.

I really, really like Orpingtons.  Opal, my Buff Orpington, is sweet and gentle and ridiculously cute.  I knew I wanted another Orpington and they come in buff, white, blue, black, splash, various laced and spangled colors and….LAVENDER.



Okay…they aren’t really purple, but they’re a pretty grey color and I’m good with that.  They’re also adorable and sweet.  So I started joining chicken groups on Facebook and looking for people who had some for sale.  A very sweet lady from Texas mentioned that she was driving up north with chickens to deliver to customers and she listed that she had lavender Orpingtons for sale.  I said that I wished she was coming our way and as luck would have it…SHE IS.

So I told her I wanted two pullets and we’re going to meet and exchange money for chickens (purple chickens) in a parking lot like some sort of chicken drug deal.

I’m SO excited.

Then, it dawned on me that I have no place to quarantine these chickens for the required two weeks before I try to introduce them to the hooligans that I already have…plus…they’re younger, so they may have to be held separately for a longer period of time.


Photo from

Photo from

Sooooo, I laid that on Tom and he said that he’d build me a pen and would price the materials.  Sounded good to me.  Later that day, I was surfing Craigslist and giggling over spelling errors and descriptions in the Farm and Garden section and I found a perfectly good dog run for sale for 150 bucks.  We got for $125.  SCORE!  Tom picked it up yesterday and it’s going to be perfect for the little purple girls.

As I write this, it also dawned on me that they’ll still be on grower feed…which means I’ll need to have them separated and eating different feed until they are about 16 weeks old…and I’m going to need another feeder and waterer…and more shavings for their area.   I have no idea what that is all going to add up to.  The cost of the chickens (a mere $20 each), plus the dog run, plus supplies…


Who cares!  THEY ARE PURPLE!!!!  WHEE!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Now With More Chicken!

  1. Orpingtons have been the friendliest of the breeds we’ve had. I like the lavender ones, just because they are NOT really purple, my least favorite color. :))

    It’s amazing how getting 2 more birds morphs into many $$. Now when my ship comes in (and that won’t be any time soon), I’d really like to build a larger coop for the layer flock, and use the smaller coop for broody hens for hatching/raising. dreams, dreams…..

    • Oh I know what you mean! I recently did a presentation and received a stipend and Tom asked me what I was going to buy with “my” money (it’s not that much). I instantly replied CHICKEN STUFF!!! Thinking about an incubator, LOL

  2. Chris, You continue to amaze and entertain me……probably because what you say rings so true in our home……you are not alone!. Yes to more chickens…..and that lavender buff actually looks gorgeous. I can’t wait for your girls to start laying eggs….which, of course, will mean more entertainment for me…..
    The first batch of chickens we had from babies, we would talk endlessly about if today was ‘the day’…..and we oohed and ached over each egg, and who laid which one….for nearly a year……You have such fun to look forward to and I can’t wait to share it with you. Thanks. I mean it.

  3. Chickens = addicting. I read that before I got mine and thought it was hyperbole, but no, it’s exactly right. I have only four and am constantly trying to figure out how I could get just a few more, maybe an Americauna, or an Orpington, or whatever! So glad I get to live vicariously through your blog!

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