I’m going to put them both in Time Out.

The chickens are angsty peri-pubescent maniacs.  Yesterday afternoon, I went out to freshen water and check to make sure that they hadn’t made something dangerous out of all of the left over watermelon skins in their run.  While I was there, this happened….

(Sorry about the video quality….you’ll get the idea….)

4 thoughts on “I’m going to put them both in Time Out.

  1. ooh, I hope two roosters isn’t going to prove to be one too many. I’d hate to have to choose between them, but then I’m partial to Vinnie…..

    • LOL, ME too! Vinnie and Cluck actually usually pal around together. Cluck has been getting a little cranky though lately and seems to like to chase Vinnie around the coop quite a bit. I think he just likes to see Vinnie so freaked out, LOL. Seriously though, it would break my heart if I had to rehome either of them. We have a second garden shed that is right next to the coop….You can bet I’ll redo that one if it comes to it and they can each have their own harem!

      • good idea – my girls are currently sans roo. Unless one of the pullets proves to be one – still a possibility, I guess. It’s very peaceful around here, and since they free-range it’s good not to be announcing their presence with all the crowing. Too many hawks and coyotes around here.

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