Hotty McHotterson.

It’s REALLY hot here.  Not quite “Surface of the Sun” hot, but definitely  “Mercury in the Shade” hot.   I don’t like hot.  If someone says “Hey!  Let’s go to Cancun…it’s so hot and sunny there!”  I’d probably reply with “I hear Canada is nice”.  I don’t perspire well.  I also get very cranky and no one wants that.

So, I’m obsessing over whether the chickens are going to burst into flames.  This being the first summer of having chickens, I have no idea how hot is too hot for them.  I’ve read all sorts of things, of course.  I find myself starting to gravitate toward more veterinary level reading these days.  I mean, anecdotal information is wonderful, but sometimes I like to really know the “WHY” behind things that happen.  Anyway,  it’s hot…chicken’s can’t sweat…and I’m afraid they’re going to explode before I even get one egg out of them.

Today, due to a little health thing with my husband (he’s fine), I ended up taking the whole day off work.  The local weather guy had been going on and on about the heat coming today, so I was prepared with all kinds of things to do to keep the chickens cool.  Yesterday, we bought ALL sorts of chicken things to eat that are cold like watermelon, strawberries, bananas and blue berries.  I want them to eat their chicken chow, so they usually get a little scratch in the morning and one treat in the afternoon and constant access to their chicken chow feeder.   It was definitely a good day for watermelon.  Tom quartered it and it was YELLOW inside.  I’d never seen a bright yellow watermelon, but it was delicious!  We took a couple big chunks out to the chickens.  Who attacked it like they were starving wolves on a caribou.

I’ve been obsessed with getting the chickens a wading pool.   I’m just sure they’ll hop right in (you know I don’t believe that, right?  Total sarcasm).  Tom found some sort of plastic pan thing in the shop and put it in the run for me.  I filled it with water and waited for  the air to be filled with the sounds of joyous chickens.


I’ll give it some time.  They did look at it very closely, but no one even took a drink.  LOSERS.

During the “Yellow Watermelon Incident” earlier today, I shot a little video.  Here ya go…..

(Okay…before you start…let’s be clear…I do NOT talk like that.   That’s my chicken voice.)

4 thoughts on “Hotty McHotterson.

  1. I have 1 of those black rubber livestock tubs, it’s about 18″ across and 4″ deep. I had fed the girls some treats with it last week, but left it in the run overnight. It rained like it does every night, and the next morning, the girls went nuts. It’s a morning ritual now, all 16 gather around this tub, 2 or 3 roosting on the edge, 2 or 3 standing it… All of them slurping up fresh rain water! The part I wanted to share was the girls standing in the 2-3 inches of water. I think maybe a kiddie pool with water in it might be intimidating, but maybe something more like this? *shrug* who knows! I’ve seen video of chickens swimming in a huge human pool so God only knows!

  2. Geez, your flock isn’t spoiled, at all!! Ours get a fan, and leaves in the pen so the dirt doesn’t get so hot. If it gets really really hot, I’ll run a sprinkler in the pen to cool it down.

    Their water is inside, which is usually much cooler than outside. So I don’t have to worry about the water being too warm to drink.

    And if they are real lucky, like today, they got the remains from processing 26# of strawberries. Ernie grabbed the biggest berry and took off. She’s got this treat thing locked!

    Tomorrow, which is to be our hot day, I’ve got to get at least 25# more strawberries picked and processed. That will be for the year to come. So Ernie will be a happy camper tomorrow too.

  3. Hi Chris,

    I live in Phoenix so heat is always a concern. I purchased a shallow dish( it is really a plastic tray I found at Walmart) and fill it a couple of times a day with ice cubes.

    I have also frozen watermelon for them and they also like scratching in damp dirt.
    It’s 104 now (4:30pm) and I just dumped a dish of treats frozen in water for them to enjoy.

    I have been told not to give them scratch in the heat because it heats their bodies as it digests. I’m new to chickens so I decided not to give it to them until things cool down in a few months. I’m trying to be on the safe side rather then sorry.

    I will have to look for yellow watermelon – never heard of it before!

    I have a web page started although I don’t add to it everyday and sure don’t write like you. I love reading your blog.There are a few pics of the chickens and their ice bath.

  4. I have a red shallow plastic tub in my garden shed. It will be the perfect chicken wading pool. Will fill it in the morning. The whole run is covered so that helps, but the humidity here is nasty.

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