Strawberry popsicle

The other day, I was “fixing” strawberries (that’s what my aunts used to say) and I collected all of the over ripe berries and berry tops in a plastic container as I worked.  When I was finished, I nearly threw the whole thing away and then it dawned on me that I had a whole herd of perpetually hungry chickens outside.  The only problem was that they’d already eaten half a watermelon that day.  I didn’t want to cause any chicken intestinal issues, so I thought about saving them and then an even better idea struck…I’d just add some water to the plastic container and make a big strawberry popsicle for them!

I can’t think of anything better on a hot day, than a popsicle.  Even if you’re a chicken.

Recently, I’d read a comment that someone made online that chickens don’t need that type of thing.  Basically, the person was putting down the whole idea of doing nice things for your chickens because they’re chickens.   I remember feeling a little sad because I wanted to do the right things for them and this person seemed to indicate that frozen treats were a silly idea.  How sad.  How really, really sad.

popsicle 1

So, because I like to be contrary, I froze that strawberry treat to save for a hot day…which turned out to be today.  I’d had a rough day and I couldn’t wait to go out to visit the birds.  When I arrived home, I changed clothes and grabbed my silly strawberry frozen treat and skittered right out to the coop where I was met by the chickens with their usual greeting of running and clucking.  I actually feel physical comfort when I look at them.  I can’t even tell you what they do for me mentally…it’s good though…I swear.

I threw the frozen strawberry block into the run and scared them all half to death.  If there hadn’t been fence at the end of the run, Cluck would still be running. He’s not a very brave rooster.  Anyway, they all came around to check out the block and pretty soon they were pecking and licking (do chickens have tongues?), well, they were enjoying it…and that was the whole point of doing it.

Although chickens may not need coop decorations or fancy nest boxes or specially prepared food that’s healthy for them, it certainly does no harm.  If they are MY chickens and I’m willing to put up with the ramifications of what I’ve decided to do…like washing nest box curtains, cleaning decor, or making special treats as a part of their regular diet…then I don’t think it’s a bad thing.  Everyone gets to choose how they keep their chickens.

I choose to keep mine happy….because it makes me happy.

15 thoughts on “Strawberry popsicle

  1. Agreed! Mine have an affection for spinach….spinachcicles it is! Just think, antidepressants are expensive…the joy and peace it brings to freeze some berries in water and watch the flock enjoy it costs next to nothing. Probably healthier for the flock and for you! Loving the coop swag!

    • I do exactly the same…. each evening before bed their snack consists of defrosted frozen peas and corn. In the winter I make sure it is warm so they have warm food in their crop in the cold here in ME. Frozen watermelon for summers hot days. A nice shredded cheese and green salad each morning before they get out to free range. What is wrong with being kind?

  2. I love giving my chicks treats. I am going to save some strawberries today for a treat next week. I also look for the biggest dandelions in the yard as they LOVE them too!! When I go out now and say good morning chickie girls they know they are getting a treat. I think happy chickens will make better eggs, right?

  3. Chris, I think you’re a great chicken Mom. I have made veggies ice cubes for my flock and even have a special “foot bath” for them to play in. It is already in the triple digits here in AZ and I worry about them in the heat.

    Keep up the good work and have fun!

  4. We have found our chickens to be very therapeutic also! I can’t imagine there’s anything wrong with making critters happy. And yours sound VERY happy! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I don’t think spoiling the creatures that you love (human, furred, feathered or otherwise) is silly at all. I feel that I’m here because I am to bless others and if they have two feet, or four feet, or talons, or wings, or whatever, I’m going to do my best to make their life special. And they do the same for me! I conjure up all sorts of treats for my birds. I save the water when I steam veggies, or I cook red beets or corn in. I freeze containers of this to give them in the winter (thawed out) so they don’t just get veggie/fruit in the summer. I make a “porridge” for them out of chicken crumbles and water (sometimes the veggie water). I save fat and scraps and make them suet cakes for the winter. I buy or make grain flock blocks for them. Golly, that’s just the beginning of it all. In turn, all my animals (chickens, geese, guineas, cats, dog) provide me with endless stress relief, humor, and fun.

  6. My husband tells every stranger he meets that his wife’s chickens lay $1,000 eggs!
    I have to admit this is partly true. With the dinner-plate-size of fresh fruits and veggies I feed my 3 hens daily, they are spoiled and DO provide us with huge eggs and a tremendous amount of laughter.

  7. You can also freeze bananas and they love it! I sometimes take over ripened bananas, roll them in bird seed and then stick them in the freezer. Viola! Extra fancy chicken popsicle 🙂

  8. I SO agree with all of you! It’s MY chickens and YOUR chickens! It matters not one iota what others think about us loving on our chicken pets! We do that for ALL our pets. We love them, take care of them responsibly, have fun together, relax together, and enjoy each other completely. It is kindness, it is respect for other living things, and in return you are loved back unconditionally, enjoy the therapeutic benefits of giving love and receiving love back. What could be more down to earth and simplistic! It is clean, down home living away from the fast lane. I highly recommend it, IF you are a “giving” person.

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