People across our area reported seeing a Sasquatch this morning.   I was concerned until I read the description of said Squatch and realized that it was just me on my way to let the chickens out of the coop.  I guess I should brush my hair first, but what kind of Sasquatch wears black and white leopard pajama shorts?

It’s Saturday.  Oh LAWDY I love the weekends!  I woke up this morning at my usual gut-wrenching time of 5:45 (I hate mornings) and remembered what day it was and rolled over and slept deliciously for another hour and a half.  I half awoke at 7:15 and snuggled deeper into the pillows and then a thought occurred to me.

The chickens.

I tried to go back to sleep for just a bit longer…you know, Saturday and all…but I kept visualizing them in the coop, beaks pressed up against the door to the run while they made angry chicken faces at the big barn doors that I always open when I come out in the morning.   I brushed the thought away and rolled over and tried to assure myself that they were happily pecking chicken feed and terrorizing each other in the coop.  I began to doze off and Vinnie popped into my head, looking sad, cocking his head and looking at me with one eye and then whistling sadly.  UGH.  FINE.  I’ll get up….even though it’s SATURDAY and I could SLEEP for another hour.

I put in my contacts and tripped over chihuahuas on my way to the garage to put my coop shoes on.   I was still sleepy and putting on actual SHOES was just too complicated…you have to make sure there are no spiders in them and then, you know, actually put them ON.  So, I elected to put on my oh-so-sexy purple Crocs.  You don’t even have to think…you just shake them to make sure there are no brown recluse spiders waiting to eat your toes in one bite, and then stick your foot in, which is about all I can handle in the morning before drinking a soda and a couple of cups of coffee.

The horrid humidity from the past couple of days had blown out of the area overnight.  The skies were clear and it was wonderfully breezy.  I scuffed along the path to the coop making mental notes about things that I needed to ask Tom and Greg to do over the weekend.  The mental notes probably don’t make sense because remember, I’ve had no coffee yet.

I checked the run for signs of anything trying to break in or out and everything looked good.  I’d left the “Eviction Notice” on the door of the coop that Greg had taken such pains to create yesterday because, well…first, it’s just funny, and second, it adds a certain desperate trashiness that, well….is just funny.  I unlocked the doors and thought about how very quiet it was inside the coop.  Usually I can hear them in there whooping it up.  Maybe they slept in!  I felt a little better as I swung the door open, half expecting to receive sleepy greeting noises from the perch where they’d all crammed themselves together.


Have you ever seen a bee swarm on the branch of a tree?  Fascinating.  Well, I had a chicken swarm at the door of the coop.  It looked like one huge chicken body with 20 legs and 10 heads…and it looked a little ticked off.  That’s when all the clucking and griping began.  I SWEAR they have this angry tone to their clucks when they aren’t happy!  I took a little too much time unlocking the next door to get into their fenced area and Vinnie came stomping over from the swarm at the run door and stuck out his neck and looked at me savagely with one eye.  Alright, alright.  I managed to push through the angry swarm at the door, who continued to complain bitterly that I was LATE.  I told them that it’s not like they have any APPOINTMENTS TO KEEP, and I swung open the run door and stepped back into the corner to avoid being trampled by angry chicken feet as they stampeded out into the run.

Wow.  They’re so bitter.

I rearranged some stuff in my part of the coop, opened both big doors so that the air would circulate through the coop and brought my chair outside.  I was too sleepy to even stagger back to the house, so I sat down to watch them for a while.  They were all standing at the side of the run looking at me expectantly.  Since I has already in trouble for being late, I threw them some Cheerios and sat back down.

The usual mayhem over treats ensued with much clucking and chasing.  I get a kick out of watching them eat Cheerios because they pick them up and then beat them violently on the ground a couple of times so that they can make the oaty circle break into smaller pieces.  Sometimes they stick the top part of their beak through the round “O”, and run around with it stuck on their beak while the others chase them. They always get it off and gobble it down once the others get bored with chasing.


It’s an absolutely beautiful morning.  I sat and watched my new gypsy flags, that I’ve hung across the top of the big coop door, float on the breeze.  Some of the sari fabric ribbons are touched with gold threads that sparkled in the sunlight.  I have big plans for making something similar myself, but with bells and hangy-down twinkly things.  It’ll probably cost me six times what I paid the artist that did the one that I currently have.  That’s okay…it’ll be cooler because I MADE it.  I’ll just keep telling myself that.

I finally couldn’t stand my brain’s screams for caffeine any longer and walked back up to the house.  I have a ton to do today and I really should get going right away this morning, but I wanted to write to you first.  I just had to share the beauty and possibility and the chickens of this Saturday…my favorite day of the entire week.

I hope you have a good one!

3 thoughts on “Sighting.

  1. I managed to sleep in until 6:30. But I had help coming at 9 to work in the garden and had a bunch of stuff I’d not finished yesterday to do, so I got up.

    We know all about the cursing and complaining that happens when you show up even a minute late to let them out. There is no mistaking the tone of voice and cadence of curses. :))

    My son and I had to do chores yesterday. I did the 75 chicks while he did the layers and pigs. He finished before I did and took off. As I left the barn, Ern was there and acting particularly frantic (so I thought) because I had not brought her any garden goodies. I collected their protein trays to wash, and when I went in to wash them, noticed the kid had not given them their sprouted grain. No wonder Ern was frantic!! But she’s usually very polite, not like most of the others.

    Hope your beautiful day is full of fun. Here, it can’t make up it’s mind. One moment it’s beautiful deep blue sky, then lots of dark clouds, then back to sun.

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