I dabble in art a bit. I’ve been wanting to do a chicken painting for a while, but it takes me FOREVER to get through the creative process in my mind. I have to think about something for weeks before I can even begin to put it on paper. I love Blue Orpington chickens. I don’t have any, but I hope to someday. Here’s a sneak peek at a Blue Orpington hen painting that I’m just in the very beginning stages of. At this point, she’s just a sketch. There will be lots of refining of her feathers during the painting stage. You’ll know when I’m working on that because there will be a black cloud of foul language hanging above my house. Vinnie wanted me to paint him, but he couldn’t decide which was his best side, so he’s going to think about it for a while.

2 thoughts on “Painting.

  1. Your Vinnie and my Henrietta could be twins! Henrietta(a barred Plymouth rock pullet) is our best entertainer. She behaves so much like Vinnie. I love your Vinnie stories! Please keep them coming!

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