Every day, I pick a big basket of weeds for the chickens. We built the run over a grassy, weedy area, but in just a short time it has come to look like the surface of the moon. If I could rent these guys out to mow lawns, I’d make a fortune. Anyway, I have a lot of chickweed on the property and I also thought I had Hen Bit, but I think that this is actually a cousin of Hen Bit called Purple Dead Nettle.

One of the best thing’s I’ve done is to start learning to identify edible weeds and flowers. I have an app on my phone that is pretty useful when I find something that I can’t identify, or I look it up on-line before I use it. Pretty handy, but I always fear that I’m wrong and that I’m going to give them something terribly poisonous and they’re going to drop over dead or end up blind like the kid in “A Christmas Story”. I can just see them all wearing dark glasses and having little white canes. I can envision me asking “What happened? How did this happen?” and one of them gasping “It…was….WEED POISONING” and then dropping over dead.

So far, they’re all alive and kickin’ this morning so I think I did okay with this morning’s basket of weed deliciousness.

5 thoughts on “Cousin.

  1. Pretty much they seem to know what to eat or not eat. I’ve yet to figure out how a chicken would know deep sea pollock was good to eat, or that banana skins or avocados are not.

    I think if they are getting the proper amount of ration every day, then it’s not likely they will eat something bad for them.

    Having said that, I know they will scarf down white pasta until they explode, and that’s all empty calories, definitely not good for them.

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