resized vinnie 2

When the chicks were just…well, chicks, we noticed that this one was a bit bossy, a bit adventurous, and tremendously friendly with its humans (us). Through some learned friends, I discovered that it was a Barred Rock. Yes, this is THE Barred Rock that would take the running leap into the pile of chicks at the end of the brooder box. Some speculated that it was possibly a rooster and asked if I’d wing sexed it. (Silence) Did I what sex it? I learned later that from the length of the wing feathers, when the chick is about one day old, you can determine (with some accuracy) whether the chick is male or female.  Lisa Steele, author of Fresh Eggs Daily  is a respected and knowledgeable voice when it comes to raising chickens naturally.  I’ve learned a tremendous amount from her site.  Take a look at her information about sexing baby chicks in her post:  “Cock-a-doodle…roo?  Ten ways to sex your chicks“.

We named this one Vinnie…and if it turns out to be a hen…and now some think that it is…we’ll change its name to Vanna. It’s my absolute favorite in the flock and if there’s a chick that will be able to find trouble…it’s usually this one.

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